Mariah Dean Following a long Sufi tradition, Mariah Dean walks a spiritual path in everyday life, in the unique way her guidance has taken her.

Her work as a management consultant is in balance with her work as a Sufi Teacher and guide. She is a long time teacher and guide in the Inayat stream of the Chisti Order, as well as a leader of the sacred dances practiced by the Western Sufis. She is an initiator and teacher in Ziraat, a quiet ancient Sufi mystical tradition which focuses on expression of the soul and the development of potential through inner practices drawing on the guidance of Nature.

As a management consultant, she has spent the last fifteen years consulting with business leaders in large and small corporations. Prior to consulting, she held management positions in hi-tech, telecommunications, and manufacturing companies. She worked as the Human Resource Manager for high-tech engineering firm whose multi-national work force included individuals from the United States, India, Turkey, Australia, Bolivia, China, England, Hong Kong, Japan, and Iran. She has a BA in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Organizational Development, and is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Ms. Dean has done facilitation consulting and training for thousands of people in a wide variety of organizations including airlines, manufacturing companies, automotive, computer and hi-tech, banking and finance, television, food processing, retail stores, hospitals, schools, universities and government agencies. Her seminars are noted for being dynamic, relevant, and in-depth, with a focus on real-world experience and applications.

She has presented hundreds of management, leadership and communication seminars on a variety of topics including: team building, leadership development, supervisory skills, executive leadership, accelerating team performance in the face of change, coaching skills, facilitating meetings, managing and working with difficult employees, innovation and out of the box thinking, interpersonal skills, feedback skills, presentation skills, leading in the midst of change, critical thinking, cross-functional communication, conflict resolution, managing emotions, strategic leadership, communication within virtual teams, and getting results without authority.

She has worked with numerous organizations including: Delta Airlines, Pfizer, Bankers Trust Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Federal Express, International Truck & Engine, Cooper Tire & Automotive, Bicardi, Brunswick, The Internal Revenue Service, Merck, The Discovery Channel, several divisions of General Electric, First Data, State Farm Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Xerox, IBM, Blue Ridge Mountain Sports, General Foods, and Target Stores, Operation Smile, Boston University, and University of Virginia's Executive Programs. She also worked with several cross-functional teams at Jack Welch's multi-day GE Work-Outs when he was reinventing General Electric and looking to get involvement at all levels in crafting changes.

Mariah has facilitated several management retreats and off-site meetings. Inspired by the Sufi meditation retreat process, she has developed a unique alchemical retreat process to help leaders look beyond everyday issues and problems to chart long-range direction making and planning that takes potentialities to new levels. Based on a relational field view of organizational structures, the individual role in crafting of the future is not reserved for a few who later try to sell their ideas to the rest. She is known for her ability to help leaders to clarify what is possible, dissolve barriers and mental structures, and take things to the next level.