A Celebration of Sufi Love & Wisdom: 2001-2008

The idea for the Sufi Conferences was conceived one summer evening in 1999 at Sufi Books in New York. We felt a need to share this mysticism of love, and to create a space where people could experience the different forms of Sufism. The joy, intoxicating love and power experienced in the first two conferences in 2001 resonated with this need. Something was born, a container of love for different Sufi orders to come together.

Since 2001 we have held eight Sufi Conferences, the final gathering being held in October 2008 at Asilomar Conference Grounds, California. In his closing talk Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee spoke of the deeper purpose of these gatherings. This coming together of different Sufi tariqas and fellow wayfarers has been a celebration of the love and oneness that belongs to this path of love. But there has also been a deeper, more hidden purpose. Although outwardly there have been eight different conferences, from an inner, spiritual perspective there had been one single Sufi Conference that has changed outer location and form over the years, but remained the same gathering. At the first gathering a symbolic dervish tent was erected, a sacred space where these different traditions and lovers of God could come together in service to the One and the need of the time. This tent was moved across America a number of times, and different presenters and participants came under this tent, to remember God through dhikr and music, dance and silence. Through this eight year gathering a bell of divine remembrance was struck for the whole, a note of love that is a Sufi contribution to America at this time. The video recording of this final talk can be watched here: Closing Talk, Sufi Conference 2008 or you can listen to the audio recording only here.

The outer form of these gatherings is completed, and yet the work of love continues within the hearts of all those who are drawn like moths to the flame of divine love. And the note of love struck at the Sufi Conference continues to sound within the soul of America. We have made an archive of all the talks that happened under this dervish tent over the years. You are welcome to share in this gathering. We were able to film the final gathering, and a unique set of the talks, interviews, seminars, and dhikr is now available online for free (video and audio).

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